Kompass Textile, Established in 2007 in Istanbul Türkiye, is a ‘Sourcing Apparel Agency’ and ‘Buying Office’ for ‘Garment Production’ for Worldwide clients.

As ‘Kompass Textile’ we give the service for garment production lines and prepare the collections for our foreign clients who want to make their production in Turkey.

We find our clients the right production unit and follow up all the production stages in line with customers quality standards, target price and dead line timing with our quality control and inspection team.

Our team  fluent in English and German, collaborates closely with European buyers to ensure an effective and efficient production process.

We work based on agreed service commission and as ‘Sourcing Partner’ and take the responsibility from placing the order until the merchandise reaches the customers warehouse.

We are also quite experienced in short-mid time deliveries.



About Us




We identify and introduce the most reliable suppliers to our customers to provide the highest quality and competitive prices in the shortest time possible.

We maintain relationships with a wide variety of fabric producers and attend design and fabric exhibitions in Turkey and abroad.

We categorize and recommend suppliers based on their product range and negotiate prices within our buyers' target ranges.

We offer suitable fabrics, patterns, and accessories according to our clients' requests and needs, closely following seasonal trend forecasts and keeping our buyers informed about fashion updates.

As we work with innovative clients, we are committed to staying updated on the latest techniques, machinery, fabrics, and trims, constantly improving our services.

Your vision starts as a sketch, a spark waiting to ignite. We're the conductors, turning that spark into a product masterpiece. We craft samples for early feedback, then create samples that captivate customers.

But our role goes beyond the initial score. We source the perfect "instruments" - size sets, materials, and accessories - to bring your vision to life. We ensure flawless "harmony" with consistent colors and precise measurements.

Every detail is meticulously overseen, ensuring a smooth "performance" from production to store shelves. Quality control is our invisible baton, guiding each stage.

The result? A product that exceeds expectations, a standing ovation for your vision. Let us orchestrate your success, from sketch to shelf.







Order Execution

Our customer representatives are the cornerstones of our global sourcing strategy. Armed with years of experience in the field, they act as bridges, meticulously relaying order details to selected manufacturers in their native language. This eliminates communication barriers and fosters a sense of trust that's crucial for successful collaboration.

Beyond simply translating details, our representatives work hand-in-hand with the manufacturers on the order sheets themselves. This close partnership allows for a deep dive into the specifics of the order. Our representatives leverage their expertise to ensure the manufacturers fully understand the desired quality standards, while also navigating the realities of the global market.

Through this collaborative process, they can identify opportunities for optimization. This might involve exploring alternative materials or production techniques that maintain exceptional quality while achieving the most acceptable prices.  Ultimately, this ensures our customers receive the best possible value – top-notch products at competitive prices within the ever-evolving global marketplace.




Quality Control


We leave nothing to chance when it comes to quality.

Daily inspections by our technical team, armed with the latest tools and expertise, ensure every step of production, from the initial concept to final shipment, meets stringent global standards.

But we go beyond inspections.

Through daily visits to our manufacturing partners, we build a collaborative relationship, catching and preventing potential issues before they become problems.

This meticulous approach guarantees your order arrives flawless, every single time.




Ensuring your order arrives on time is just as important to us as delivering exceptional quality. We understand that delays can disrupt your plans and create frustration. That's why we've implemented a comprehensive system to prioritize punctual deliveries.

At the core of this system lies our strategic partnerships with top-tier factories. We carefully select these partners based on their proven track record for efficiency and adherence to deadlines. This strong foundation allows us to minimize time lost due to errors or production delays.

Beyond this partnership, we take a proactive approach to supervising factory operations. Our dedicated team closely monitors production schedules and identifies any potential roadblocks that could cause delays. This allows for early intervention and course correction, ensuring your order stays on track.


We are aware of our current impact on the planet and we believe we should create a better tomorrow for future generations.

We care for the environment and we strongly believe in building a sustainable economy to provide a better future for all of us.

We think the best way to ensure the prosperity of future generations is by protecting our precious resources – employees, environment, and community.

Seeing the big picture for the textile industry we keep on working and solving problems of today and tomorrow for the sake of the next generations.

We take seriously our responsibility to identify new methods to produce in more sustainable ways.

We offer unique solutions that are both sustainable for the environment and community.




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 Çobançeşme mahallesi Bilge 1 Sokak No:19                       Bahçelievler/Istanbul/Turkiye
 Monday-Friday 08:45 am - 6:45 pm

 (+90) 212 438 51 44 / (+90) 212 438 51 45

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